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Crusoe College has developed a model of supporting students through a whole college approach to Wellbeing. It aims to recognise the changes and developments that are occurring for young people across Transition from Primary School to Secondary School and moving toward transition to further education or alternate pathway directions. To support the significant changes occurring for young people at this time and in preparing them moving toward adulthood, Crusoe College has developed a Wellbeing strategy across the college to support individual students, families and communities to support young people to reach their potential.


Advisors play a pivotal role for each student in delivery of the core values and concepts and as a first point of call into basic wellbeing support that students may require. The Advisory Teacher should be a family’s and student’s first point of call to discuss issues relating to your child.


Additional support is available to students if required through a member of the Wellbeing team. The Wellbeing team is made up of various support staff that can support students on a daily basis including an individualised Wellbeing Support Worker, a Chaplain, and a School Nurse amongst other specific workers including a Koori Support Worker, a Pathways Worker, a Program for Students with Disabilities Coordinator and various other support programs and people.


Wellbeing Team

Alexandra Crocker

Student Wellbeing Officer


Alexandra Crocker is the Student Wellbeing Officer who holds a Masters of  Counselling at Latrobe University. Alex has been working with young people for over 13 years, is experienced in providing specialist drug and alcohol and family counselling and approaches her work from a person centred framework using narrative and acceptance & commitment therapy. Alex believes that young people can achieve anything and specialises in applying creativity, warmth and abundant humour in her sessions with students.

Tracey Gunning



Tracey Gunning is the Chaplain who holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health & Wellbeing from Melbourne University.  Tracey joined the Wellbeing Team at Crusoe College in January 2014 and has previously worked with young people in a number of different organisations and roles for more than 18 years.  Tracey is passionate about empowering young people and increasing their confidence so that they are able to make wise, value based decisions and have control over their health and life circumstances.  Apart from enjoying time with family and friends, in her spare time Tracey is a passionate member of the North Melbourne Football Club and cheer squad.

Andrea Scott

College Nurse


Andrea Scott is the College Nurse who has worked in the School Nurse Program for 15 years, and at Crusoe College for 5 years, including both Primary and Secondary Programs to provide health support for families in the school community. Andrea holds a Degree in Public Health and Division 1 Nursing Certificate, with over 20 years’ experience in Child and Adolescent Health. Andrea’s interest in health education and health promotion in schools is driven by the challenges that we all face with modern life-style, to meet the basic essential needs of the developmental stages of youth. She is passionate and compassionate about all things that connect the human spirit. Through her work on health related class discussion or individual work with students, she believes that every young person has something positive to contribute and supports young people and communities to be aware, inclusive and diverse.

Catherine Poussard

Transition Support Officer



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