The goals of the College include the target that students will make at least one year of learning growth for each year they are at school. This can only be achieved if teachers, students and families are working together to create an environment where learning is the priority. To enable this culture to be reinforced, teachers have a strong focus from the start of the year on encouraging students in attending school every day in correct uniform, being in class on time, bringing the required equipment and resources, paying attention to the instructions of teachers and making the effort to complete the required learning tasks. We ask parents to support us by reinforcing to students that school expectations exist to help promote achievement and should be adhered to in all circumstances. The College has developed a Work Completion Policy which provides support to students who don't complete the required assessment tasks by providing catch up classes at lunchtimes and after school. Parents can support the College in implementing this policy by providing resources and a routine at home that is conducive to students completing regular homework to keep up to date. The full policy will be posted on Compass shortly.


Brad Madden

Crusoe College Principal

RESPECT                         HONESTY                         INTEGRITY                         TRUST

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