Crusoe College offers many great opportunities when it comes to music education. We teach a range of brass, woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments. The College has a number of ensembles for students to participate in. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of settings.

There are many ways that instrumental music benefits a student:

  • It helps to develop memory skills
  • It improves concentration
  • It increases perception and self-discipline
  • It encourages teamwork
  • It teaches about other languages and cultures
  • It offers a form of self-expression
  • It is great fun

Bendigo Instrumental Music Program Flyer
Bendigo Instrumental Music Program Play Music Flyer

What do we provide?

We provide you with the highest quality teaching available, good quality instruments, a wide range of ensemble experiences, good facilities and an encouraging and supportive learning environment. The range of instruments students are able to learn is listed as follows:

Woodwind Brass Strings Guitar Percussion Vocals
French Horn
Electric Bass
Drum Kit

Where and when do lessons occur?

Lessons are held in our Music Department. Students are taken out of class to attend their instrumental music lesson as well as an ensemble rehearsal. Each week the class that the student misses due to their instrumental lesson is rotated so that the same class will not be missed each week.

Are you involved in a Band or Ensemble?

When students join our music program they are automatically a member of one of our school ensembles. Being part of an ensemble or band is a crucial and compulsory part of music education. Learning in isolation does not provide the full musical experience. Our ensembles perform at various events throughout the year.

All this must cost something?

Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Strings lessons. Students are required to pay the $150 subject fee which goes to the North-Western Region to help support the program across Bendigo. Hire fees are very reasonable and details can be obtained from Mr Drew Roberts at the college. A tutor book is also required at a cost of approximately $20 – $40.

We are also offering some brass scholarships on trombone and tuba. Students of these instruments will only be required to pay the $150 subject fee and Crusoe College will provide an instrument and tutor book for twelve months.

Guitar & Vocals

Students who undertake guitar or vocals will be required to pay approximately $150 each term. Lessons must be paid for in full prior to the commencement of each term. Students learning guitar must own or hire their own guitar to undertake lessons.

Music Hire and Subject Levy Costs*

$150 Subject fee (compulsory for all brass, woodwind, string and percussion students)
$110 Brass/Woodwind Hire (Free hire for trombone and tuba)
$110 String Hire (Cello, Viola and Violin)
$110 Percussion Levy (Drum and percussion students only)
$20-$40 Tuition Book (Depending on instrument)

*Please note these music hire and subject levy Costs are approximate, and interested students and families are advised to seek the most up to date costing from the General Office or Music Domain Leader, Mr Drew Roberts.

Concerts & Performances

A number of music concerts and performances are held throughout the year. These will be advertised through the College’s Newsletter, website and social media.