Crusoe College is committed to providing students with an authentic and engaging curriculum enhanced through the use of mobile learning technologies. Crusoe College is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school where students are expected to bring their own device to school on a daily basis to participate in the learning.

BYOD Portal

Crusoe College has collaborated with Learning With Technologies (LWT) to create a BYOD Protal for families to purchase computers through. You will have the option of either purchasing the device outright or making regular payments. Purchasing a device through this portal offers a range of key benefits over purchasing from a different retailer, including the ability to purchase extended warranty and accidental damage protection insurance. if your device requires warranty repair or a claim is made under the accidental damage protection insurance, the school’s technical staff can organise this with LWT and have the device repaired at school.

Why Bring Your Own Device?

Growing trends in education have indicated that users often prefer a personal device to work with; Crusoe College has chosen to embrace this trend by implementing its own “Bring Your Own Device” program. Students can now choose the platform and device they feel most comfortable with allowing them to focus less on the device and be more engaged in learning.

How will the school support this program?

The school has the required hardware infrastructure that is needed to support a BYOD program. The school is changing its curriculum to support learning in the 21st Century. We believe that education is a process that occurs all the time and that Crusoe College needs a curriculum that supports learning anywhere, anytime. To reflect this view, we are updating our curriculum and digitizing resources, so that students can gain access to them whenever and wherever they need them.

Does my child need a device?

By providing your child with a device you are allowing them to get full benefit of 21st Century learning and to allow them to maximise the learning opportunities that Crusoe College has to offer. For your children to get the best out of their education it is highly recommended that they have a portable learning device.

What if my child has a problem with a device?

As the student is likely to be the person most familiar with the device it is likely they will be able to work through most issues themselves. However, the school also has a team of highly skilled technical specialists that are available to provide help and advice should it be required. All devices will also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and in many cases, technical support from the place of purchase. Guides for connecting to resources will also be made available to students. Parents are advised to note the warranty conditions of the device and to consider insurance, which is available upon purchase in most instances, as the school and DE&T cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to devices.

Are there any limitations to the devices that I can choose?

While the device that can be used is completely up to parents and students, the school does have some recommendations on specifications that will help your child with archiving learning goals.

These are as follows:
Keyboard – Productivity is higher when students have a keyboard to type with, so any device should have the capability to connect a keyboard. This could be as simple as a $20 Bluetooth keyboard.

Operating System – Devices should be running one of the following operating systems, if they are not then the school cannot guarantee that the device will not conflict with the schools wireless infrastructure.

  • Android 4.0 or Later
  • Apple iOS
  • Apple OSX Lion or Later
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Battery Life – As most classes will utilize a device it is important that devices have a battery life of at least six hours of constant use to make sure they make it through the day.

Screen Size – It is important that students are not constrained to devices that are too small and limit productivity. We recommended a minimum of a 9 inch screen.

Rear Facing Camera – A camera is very important for students to capture work so they can display it in their online digital portfolio (Blog); this is best archived by using a rear facing camera.

Please note: These minimum specifications will change from year to year, and parents are advised to seek the latest information sheet from the General Office or website prior to purchasing a device.