The College runs an extensive Transition Program from Grade 6 into Year 7 and from Year 10 into Year 11 / other pathways.

Grade 6 to Year 7

The Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition Program begins with a series of incursions in your child’s Primary School classroom. Activities in these sessions are designed to address many of the questions being asked by the Grade 6 students and to equip them as well as possible for their new learning environment. During Term 3 all Feeder Primary Schools are invited into the College for a follow on session allowing all students to get a feel for their future educational setting. All students who are enrolled in the College for the following year will also be invited to the college on “Orientation Day” which is held in early December each year. On this day, students will meet their future class mates and some teaching staff as well as having the opportunity to use and explore many of the new and exciting College facilities before starting their Secondary School career the following year.

Transition Support Program

The Transition Support Program offers individualised Transition support to students (and their families) who may need assistance during the Transition Period. In partnership with the Primary Schools, staff from Crusoe College begin working with selected Grade 6 students during Term 3 of their Grade 6 year. Crusoe staff offer these students regular experiences in the College over and above the general transition program offered to all students. The program aims to alleviate any worries/anxieties students may have about moving from Primary School to Secondary College. This is done through regular tours to ensure the students (and their families) become familiar with the campus and all that is on offer.

Year 10 to Year 11 / other pathways

Crusoe College staff work closely with Year 10 students to assist them through their transition to future pathway choices. These may range from enrolment at Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC), Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE (BRIT), apprenticeships or other educational facilities. Students start to consider career options from Term 2 during Advisory sessions. During Term 3, Pathway Expos, Career Expos, Parent Information sessions and Course Counseling (MIPs) culminate in the enrolment of the majority of Year 10 students into BSSC.

A Pathways Expo is held at BSSC and gives students the opportunity to look at displays, collect information and speak to a number of staff from BSSC, Latrobe University and BRIT. Students are able to find out how their Pathway choice links with their future career direction. School tours are also conducted based on students’ interests. Course counseling, in the form of an interview, takes place midway through Term 3 at Crusoe College. This extremely important interview involves the planning for your child’s future, discussions on courses and completion of subject selections for Year 11. Over the last weeks of the college year, students participate in the transition program at BSSC, trialling classes in the ‘Step-Up Program’ and successfully completing their transition into their future pathways.