Our vision is that all students become responsible members of the community who identify and manage the pathway to their preferred future.

The Crusoe College community is dedicated to supporting students to develop skills and knowledge to enable their successful transition to further education, the workforce and active citizenship.

Statement of Philosophy

At Crusoe College we will work with each student on an individual basis focusing on forming a strong, positive relationship and manage those relationships restoratively. Our work will be informed by an understanding of adolescents and underpinned by a genuine like for students and the belief that every student can and will learn. We recognise that our college must provide all students with a safe and orderly environment that meets the needs of our students at all levels of their school life.

Crusoe College Values: Respect | Endevour | Aspiration | Learning

We show RESPECT at Crusoe College by:

  • Respecting ourselves
  • Respecting others
  • Respecting our environment

We show ENDEAVOUR at Crusoe College by:

  • Being persistent
  • Demonstrating resilience
  • Being hopeful
  • Displaying a positive work ethic

We show ASPIRATION at Crusoe College by:

  • Having high expectations
  • Demonstrating personal excellence
  • Being a positive contributor to our learning and school community

We show LEARNING at Crusoe College by:

  • Continually wanting to learn
  • Developing deep and applied knowledge
  • Following our passions

Teaching & Learning Philosophy: One child at a time

Crusoe College strives to work in a humane environment where the individual differences of students and families are acknowledged and respected. As a college it is our aim to provide an outstanding educational experience for all students and their families. The structure of our college allows us the opportunity to provide a small and comfortable environment for students while providing access to a broad curriculum offering due to the school’s size.

Teachers recognise that there is a wide range of knowledge that students bring to classes and that it is essential that our learning experiences start where the students are. From this starting point we then strive to improve each student’s academic achievement. To do this the school is working towards a model of personalised learning where each student is able to pursue their passions, needs and interests during their time at the college.

This process is led by the student’s advisor, the student and their family. Rather than waiting for the timetable to change to allow students to access subjects, the students drive the timetable structure to suit their needs and interests.

Personalised Learning

Personal learning is a model for creating a collaborative framework that supports students’ active participation in their learning. Personal learning gives students a stake in their education. It also allows teachers to know students on a more personal level and provides opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s education. Personal learning addresses the unique strengths, interest and priorities of students with the guidance and support of their teachers and families. The process is a valuable learning experience that teaches students to set goals, evaluate their work and take greater responsibility for their learning.

Along with the current demands of the school standards and curriculum, students should expect to find aspects of each school day meaningful, exciting and a reflection of their life outside the classroom as well as within. Personal Learning gives students and teachers an opportunity to ensure interesting and meaningful activities for every child. It provides a vehicle to involve and motivate learners and support discussions with parents and carers ensuring a more holistic approach to a student’s education.