Simon Wood

Simon is our new Principal at Crusoe College. He is very focused on building a learning culture where all students are striving to do their best in conjunction with their teachers and the support staff. “We are building a team with the breadth and depth of expertise that enables us to work with all types of students and see them bring out the best in themselves”.

Richelle Hollis
Assistant Principal

Richelle has been in the role of Assistant Principal since January 2013. Her key area of responsibility is to manage the Learning and Teaching Program across the college. Richelle is also a teacher of German.

Bree McKern
Assistant Principal

Bree joined Crusoe College at the beginning of 2023. Her main role is to work with the Community Leaders to build inclusive learning communities for all Crusoe students to thrive. Bree is also a passionate teacher of Literacy.

Matthew Plathe
Dyson Community Leader

Matthew became the Community Leader of Dyson in 2022. He co-ordinates the college’s extension and enrichment programs. Matthew leads the literacy intervention program at the College and is passionate about providing a supportive learning environment for all students.

Sam Mills
Ipsen Community Leader

Sam has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2009. He co-ordinates the college’s whole school assemblies and is a leader in implementing Restorative Practices across the school.

Craig Kelly
Yates Community Leader

Craig has been in the role of Community Leader since January 2017. He co-ordinates the college’s eLearning program. He is passionate about students striving to achieve their best and has been instrumental in linking the Work Completion Policy to the Graduation Policy.

Ellen McGrath
White Community Leader

Ellen has taken on the role of Community Leaderin 2022. She encourages and guides students by providing a safe and secure environment, which nurtures individualism, to educate them socially, emotionally and cognitively so they can be confident and independent life-long learners.

Louise Phillips
Learning Specialist

Louise is one of our Learning Specialists. She is a highly skilled classroom practitioner with deep knowledge and expertise in quality teaching and learning. Louise’s role is to model excellence in teaching and learning through demonstration lessons, to mentor and coach teachers in improving their skill, knowledge and effectiveness of teaching, to observe and provide feedback to other teachers and to facilitate school-based professional learning.

Tas Dwyer
Learning Specialist

Tas is one of our Learning Specialists. Her role in the school is to work particularly with the maths teaching staff to strengthen their pedagogical knowledge and understanding. She is passionate about supporting students to develop their numeracy skills and knowledge.

Joel McLean
Wellbeing Leader

Joel McLean is in the role of Wellbeing Leader. As an educator my job is to inspire, motivate, encourage and guide students, by providing a safe and inclusive environment which promotes resilience, and nurtures individualism. To educate students socially, emotionally and cognitively so they can be confident and independent life-long learners.

Kaylene Matotek
Disability & Inclusion Leader

Kaylene has undertaken the coordination of Disability Inclusion in 2022, assisting the roll out of the strength-based inclusive approach of supporting students to access the curriculum and to assist teachers to make adjustments. Kaylene has a long history of working with students who have specific learning difficulties to support them in the classroom.

Duane Anderson
Curriculum, Data and Assessment Leader

Duane joined Crusoe College in 2022 in the role of Curriculum, Data and Assessment Leader. He leads Curriculum teams around the college and works with all staff to interpret data from the various methods of data collection to inform point-of-need teaching. Duane is passionate about all students, regardless of their background, stretching themselves as individuals as well as academically to help them progress towards their desired pathway.

Tom Lamb
Learning Specialist – Pedagogy

Tom is one of our Learning Specialists. His role is to support teachers in improving their classroom practice and therefore improving student outcomes. Tom has a focus on embedding Professional Learning Communities at the College and has a particular passion for trauma-informed practice and educational equity.