A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instills recognition of themselves as an integral part of the college community, and assists in developing pride in representing their college. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Dress Code.

The dress code aims to:

  • To promote equality amongst all students.
  • To further develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our college.
  • To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our college environment.
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.

After consultation with the college community and the Student Representative Council, College Council has developed a Dress Code that we believe provides choice for the students, allows for students to safely engage in the many varied school activities, and caters for the financial constraints of families.

The Dress Code applies during college hours, while travelling to and from college, and when students are on college excursions. All students are expected to be in the correct uniform daily. Sports uniforms are only to be work on days where students have PE and not on any other day. Summer and winter uniforms, as well as sports uniforms will be prescribed, and are required to be worn. Singlet tops and thongs are not to be worn for any reason including on out of uniform days. Inappropriate clothing worn on out of uniform days will be dealt with by the Team Leader.

Students who attend school out of uniform are expected to bring a note from their Parent/Guardian. Parent refusal to provide correct footwear is to be referred to the Team Leader. Any uniform note presented which extends more than a week is to be referred to the Team Leader. On any given day, refusal to comply with the Dress Code will result in:

1st Offence: Advisor to contact parent if note is not provided and enter on Compass portal. Student to be provided with an Out of Uniform Pass.

2nd Offence: Student sent to Neighbourhood Leader and parent contacted by Leader.

3rd Offence: Parent contacted by Community Leader and meeting arranged between the family and the school.

Students not wearing college expected footwear will be excluded from technology and science practical classes until appropriate footwear is provided. Alternative work will be provided by the classroom teacher.

Stud earrings and sleepers worn in the ears, plus minimal arm jewellery including a watch are acceptable. Large and dangling earrings which pose an OH&S risk are not to be worn.

Facial piercing is tolerated by the college community and under the DEECD dress code represents an individual’s right to express them self without discrimination against appearance. Exceptions to this include technology classes where facial piercing is deemed an OH&S risk and is aligned to industry work safe requirements due to machinery being used or where food handling is required. Where the piercing is deemed too large such as protruding rings, bars or stretchers and through its size presents an OH&S risk, the Advisor will negotiate with the student and parent a more appropriately sized piercing to be worn during the school day with the support of the Community Leader and Assistant Principal.

Minimal cosmetics to be worn at school.

A hat is encouraged to be worn outside in the warmer months. Hats are to be taken off inside.

Parents seeking exemptions to the Dress Code due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability, health condition or economic hardship must apply in writing to the College Council for consideration.


All students are expected to wear hard black leather school shoes, which cover the entire foot either lace up, pull on style boot or with velcro fasteners to all classes. In accordance with OH&S guidelines students undertaking science and technology subjects such as welding, wood work, automotive, engineering, metal work, home economics and textiles including the Advance program are expected to wear hard black leather school shoes or hard black leather boots.

Runners are permitted to be worn on days where a student has PE. Students are expected to have the appropriate footwear for technology classes on these days. Ballet and T-Bar style sandals are banned under OH&S.

Boys and Girls Uniforms Items


  • Green college jumper with College logo
  • Green College jacket
  • Black rain jacket with College logo
  • Rugby Top with College Logo


  • Green Polo tops with College logo


  • Black bucket hat
  • Black baseball hat
  • Black beanie
  • Black scarf

For everyone

  • Hats, coats and sunglasses are encouraged to be worn outside, and must be taken off when entering classrooms.
  • Minimal make-up is to be worn.
  • Large or dangling earrings which pose an OH&S risk to the student are not to be worn.
  • Sleepers should be removed for PE/Sport classes for safety reasons

Girls Uniform


  • Striped polyester/viscose dress in College colours
  • Charcoal grey shorts with College logo
  • White socks (not knee high)


  • Skirt in College colours
  • White or black socks (not knee high) or black tights
  • Charcoal grey pants (not jeans) with College logo

The standard of the dress/skirt/short length is for the hem of the dress/shorts to be worn not more than 17cm from the floor when kneeling on the floor.

Boys Uniform

  • Charcoal grey trousers (not jeans) with College logo
  • Charcoal grey shorts with College logo
  • Grey or white socks

Physical Education & Sport

The Sports uniform should be worn during Physical Education, Recreation, Sport & Leisure Classes and College sport activities. Normal College uniform should be worn at all other times.

  • Black micro fibre shorts or track suit pants with College logo
  • College PE/Sports polo shirt
  • Runners


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