This piece represents the passing of knowledge that resonates throughout Crusoe College.

The main meeting place signifies all levels of leadership and supports developed and supported by Crusoe College and the Victorian Educational System to nurture, inspire, and enable strong members of the community to flourish not only through their journey of education but also within the community.

The four other corresponding meeting places are in representation of the four communities that make up the Crusoe College community.

Furthermore, the three outer sections of the mural signify the connection to culture and the significance of resilience and determination our First Nations peoples have exemplified throughout the journey of history.

Lastly, the section to the right is symbolic of shields, representing the protective factors that come from within the home and the duty of care Crusoe College endeavours to implement.

The Nurture Knowledge mural can be viewed in the General Office space and we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our local artists Tammy Nancarrow and Ally Charles.